Policies – Requests for Time-Off


Policies – Requests for Time-Off

Requests for Time-Off

(less than 3 days consecutively)

If you need one to two days off in a row, you can submit a request to your manager prior to the schedule being posted. We will try to work with you regarding requests, but sometimes we can’t grant all requests because we have to run a restaurant. If the schedule has already been posted, you must find your replacement and get a manager’s approval.

 (three or more consecutively)

When you must be off longer than just two days and it’s not just a simple vacation, example: surgery, travel exceeds earned vacation, anything medical that doesn’t qualify for FMLA (family medical leave act) will fall into a regular Leave of Absence.

The easiest thing is to ask your manager and/or your Human Resources person for clarity if you aren’t sure if you take vacation, FMLA, or LOA.

You must request the leave at least 30 days in advance from your supervisor. If your supervisor approves the leave he/she will alert the home office in Springfield of the request. You may take up to 60 days in a 12-month period. If you are gone longer than 60 days, you will be terminated and can reapply with no expectation of re-hire. An LOA cannot be combined with any other type of leave and any unused sick (where applicable) and vacation time must be used during the leave. You are responsible to keep your insurance premiums paid up-to-date.

To request leave please reach out to your supervisor.