Policies – Dress Code


Policies – Dress Code

Policies – Dress Code

All employees must be neat, clean and tidy. We work in the food industry and no one wants their food served by someone that looks dirty (especially finger nails-gross). We don’t want to sound like your parent, but shower (with soap) wash your hair (with shampoo) and brush your teeth (with toothpaste) so you are squeaky clean and ready to serve food.


Panera is a place where people go to get healthy food, made in a clean environment, served by neat and tidy associates. Managers have the right to ask you to go home if you are not in proper uniform, please read below for the policy and refer to the photos for more clarity:

Employees may wear a mask while in the building if they wish. The mask must be solid in color with no logos/words/numbers on it other than the Panera logo. The mask must be worn properly, not under the nose or under the chin.

Retail Team Members, Bakers, and Managers may wear khaki pants, black pants, or dark jeans. All pants/jeans must be free of tears, holes, or frays. No “cargo-style” pants/jeans may be worn. Pants/jeans cannot be faded, acid washed or have beading/jeweled appliques or other unique design features. If your pants have belt loops you must wear a dark colored leather-style belt. No undergarments may be seen at any time.

Retail Team Member and Baker shirts may have a Hamra/Panera logo or a logo not larger than a half dollar in size. Shirts may be a short-sleeved solid colored polo, a solid black t-shirt (including Hero t-shirts), tucked in at all times. The shirt must be clean, wrinkle-free, and in good repair. A long sleeve, solid white or black undershirt may be worn, such as a “Under Armour-style” shirt under the polo. No sweatshirts, or jackets may be worn. May wear a Hamra/Panera sweater or cardigan.
Managers may wear a solid-colored polo or solid color oxford-style collared shirt with long or short sleeves in either black, white, oxford blue, or grey; clean, pressed and tucked in. No company logos other than Hamra/Panera Bread. No T-shirts are allowed.

Retail Team Members, Bakers, and Managers must wear black shoes with black socks and they must be slip-resistant shoes for your safety, Croc style must be slip resistant with no holes on top or sides. One finger ring may be worn per hand, as long as it’s plain without stones. Nail appliques must not be worn for food safety reasons.

Hat and Apron:
Retail Team Members and Bakers must wear a clean hat with the bill facing forward. Hair nets are acceptable if worn correctly. Your apron must be clean and wrinkle free. Name tags must be worn at all times and must be clear. Name tags can wear down quickly, and we require that you replace your name tag if it appears worn, scratched or otherwise. Wear your nametag proudly on the front of your apron so guests can acknowledge you personally. Keep your facial hair to a minimum as hair likes to make its way into people’s food and that’s no fun for anyone! We require that if you have long hair that it be pulled back and restrained to keep away from your face and most importantly, the food you are serving our guests!

Managers-No hat is needed unless the manager is in a food prep position according to local county/state health code laws.

Tattoos and Piercings:
No body art that is visually offensive. No ear gauges larger than an inch. Earrings are ok if they are studs or hoops no greater than an inch. Dangling earrings must not be worn. You can have a small nose stud, but any other visible piercing including tongue are not acceptable.

Cell Phones:
Cell phones may be in a pocket while on the clock but are only to be used in an emergency. Due to food safety concerns, if the cell phone is touched, the employee must throw away their gloves, re-wash hands and put on a new pair of gloves. It is against policy to take pictures or videos while on the clock or in the back of house.
For safety reasons, earbuds/headsets are not allowed to be in use while on the clock in any position.