Bread is better when shared. We believe no loaf should go uneaten when we know there are neighbors in need. That’s why we donate our unsold baked goods to local non-profits at the end of the night through our Day-End Dough-Nation® program. We partner with food pantries, veteran services and youth shelters, to provide bread and bakery items to those in need and reduce food waste.

It is our company’s practice to donate leftover bakery products (breads, bagels, and pastries) at the end of each day to local 501(c) non-profit organizations, religious organization, or public school who commit to picking up on a weekly basis for a minimum of one year. This program was specifically created for the purpose of caring for those in need in our local communities, such as food pantries and soup kitchens. Please describe your need for a weekly pick up of day end product and how the donation will help others below.

If you would like to be considered to become one of our “Day-End” partners, please click APPLY below to submit a request.