Policies – General Work Rules


Policies – General Work Rules

 General Work Rules

We call these the “no duh” rules, but we must put them in here or else someone, somewhere will think they can do these:

  • Don’t be under the influence of anything illegal while at work (drugs/alcohol)
  • Don’t sell or buy anything illegal while at work
  • Don’t have cell phones on and especially don’t record or take pictures
  • Don’t have weapons on you while working
  • Don’t swear or use any controversial language that may offend others while at work
  • Don’t fight, gamble, or do anything illegal while at work
  • Don’t falsify any paperwork or document
  • Don’t steal food, cash, supplies from work or from employees or guests
  • Don’t skip any food-safety procedure
  • Don’t damage our property, we may make you pay for it

If you do any of these things while at work you can be terminated, so simply put, just do the right thing.