Policies- Driving While on the Clock

Policies- Driving While on the Clock

Driving While on the Clock

You may have to use your own vehicle to conduct business for Hamra, and if you do we want to make sure you are safe and the company is safe, so make sure you understand what we need from you and what you need to do if you drive while on the clock for us.

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Employees may be asked to use their personal vehicles for authorized Company purposes. Supervisors who ask their employees to drive their own vehicles for authorized Company business must complete all applicable items for each employee.

In no event shall an employee be asked to drive his/her own vehicle for Company business unless that employee has provided the Supervisor with the following items:

Proof that the Employee is at least 18 years of age
Valid driver’s license
Evidence of valid insurance coverage, such as the first sheet of the policy
An Employee Vehicle Notice, Indemnification, and Waiver form signed by the employee and a witness
Authorization for Company to obtain and retain a current driving record – completes the background release form. Company will obtain a current motor vehicle report.

The Company may semi-annually obtain updated evidence of each employee’s valid driver’s license, insurance coverage, and driving report. This information will be retained in the employee’s personnel file.

Employees are responsible for informing their Supervisors of any adverse driving occurrences that may affect the validity of their driver’s license or any change in their insurance coverage.

A Supervisor may determine that an employee’s status as a driver for the Company will be suspended or that his/her employment will be terminated. Such decision may be based on a recent driving incident, an unsatisfactory driving report, or other appropriate reasons. If an employee is suspended from driving, the Supervisor may request that the employee continue to work for the Company in a suitable, non-driving capacity.