Policies- Cell Phones

Policies- Cell Phones

 Cell Phones

We get it, everyone is addicted to their cell phones, but please keep those around you in mind when you’re cell phone rings or when you’re talking loudly on it.

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HMC prohibits any employee from using a cell phone (talk/text/email/browsing), pager, PDA, or other mobile data/communication device while driving. If permitted by law, an employee may use a “hands-free” device in the manner legally permitted.

Employees are required to pull over and stop their vehicles in a safe location if using hand-held communication devices and must comply with any local, state, or federal laws governing such use.

When you are in an office setting, all cell phones must be turned off or placed on vibrate mode so as not to disrupt other employees. Personal or business conversations conducted on cell phones need to be done in your personal work space or away from public or shared work areas.