Policies- Dress Policy

Policies- Dress Policy

Dress Policy

Personal appearance means how you dress, how neat you are, and your personal cleanliness standards. Your personal appearance can influence what customers and visitors think about HMC. Personal appearance can also impact the morale of your co-workers.

During business hours or whenever you represent HMC, you should be clean, well groomed, wear appropriate clothes, and be free of personal odors such as body, foot, or breath. This is particularly important if your job involves dealing with customers or visitors in person.

If your supervisor finds that your personal appearance is inappropriate, you will be asked to leave work and return properly dressed and groomed. If you are asked to leave, you may not be paid for the time away from the office. See your supervisor if you are not sure about the correct clothing standards for your position.

Where necessary, HMC may make a reasonable accommodation to this policy for a person with a disability.

The following examples should help you understand the HMC personal appearance guidelines:

*Face Mask while up from your desk or within 6 feet of another person.

* Canvas or athletic type shoes are not acceptable attire.

* Flip-flop shoes are not acceptable attire.

* Dresses or shirts exposing cleavage, or sheer material, or with spaghetti straps are not acceptable attire.

* Tank tops, tube or halter tops, or shorts may not be worn under any circumstances.

* Clean, dark jeans with no holes.

* No beach or gym attire. No sweatshirts, t-shirts.

* Mustaches and beards must be clean, well trimmed, and neat.

* Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste.

* Perfume, cologne, and aftershave lotion should be used moderately or avoided altogether; some individuals are sensitive to strong fragrances.

* Facial jewelry such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, lip rings, and tongue studs is not acceptable and must not be worn during business hours.

* Torso body piercings with visible jewelry or with jewelry that can be seen through or under clothing must not be worn during business hours.

* Most tattoos and similar body art should be covered during business hours.