Benefits – Meal Discount Policy


Benefits – Meal Discount Policy

Benefits – Meal Discount Policy


Each Shift, once a day, you are entitled for personal consumption the following free meal valued up to $13.00:

 One Entrée One Side One Drink  
Any One Sandwich


Any One Salad

Medium Fries

Small Chili

Baked Potato

4 Pc. Nuggets

Seasoned Potatoes

Oatmeal Bar

Apple Bites


4 Pc French Toast


Medium Drink

*no specialty drinks


Don’t nibble, drink, or eat while on the line (health departments don’t like that and neither do we). You must order your food as a customer and have it rung up in the register by a manager.

If you are not working, you may receive a 15% discount at all Hamra Enterprise restaurants:

*Hamra Wendy’s -orders up to $50.00

*Hamra Panera’s-orders up to $100.00

*Hamra Noodles-orders up to $100.00

If working more than one shift in a day, a manager can approve a second meal discount.