Policies – Dress Code

Policies – Dress Code

Policies – Dress Code

All employees must be neat, clean and tidy. We work in the food industry and no one wants their food served by someone that looks dirty (especially finger nails-gross). We don’t want to sound like your parent, but shower (with soap) wash your hair (with shampoo) and brush your teeth (with toothpaste) so you are squeaky clean and ready to serve food.

Appearance and Dress Code
The following guidelines of appropriate attire are intended to provide consistent parameters to all of our restaurant team members. If you have specific questions, please talk to your manager or Human Resources Manager.

 Noodles & Company t-shirts are provided upon hire and at appropriate intervals during your employment. Managers are issued shirts with collars. Shirts should be clean, unwrinkled and tucked in at all times. If you choose to wear a long sleeve shirt under your t-shirt, it must be black or white.

 Clean, jeans in good condition. Jeans cannot be frayed, ripped, or excessively baggy nor have holes. No shorts, cutoffs, or skirts in the restaurant, unless skirts are required for bona fide religious reasons. If you are working at an outdoor Noodles & Company event, you may wear solid color shorts that are no more than four inches above the knee, clean, and pressed.

 A solid black “leather-style” belt must be worn. No designs, colors or studding is permitted.

 Aprons provided, tied at the waist.

 Black NON-SLIP shoes approved for restaurant use. Your manager can suggest retailers in your area who sell non-slip shoes or you can participate in our shoes for Crews program. They must be closed toe and heel. Athletic shoes, sandals, flip-flops, high heels, etc. are not acceptable.

 Socks must be worn at all times.

 A clean Noodles & Company hat, bill turned forward. Long hair must be pulled back.

 Facial hair must be short and neatly trimmed.

 Fingernails must be kept neat and trimmed to a length no longer than 1/2 inch beyond the fingertip for health and safety reasons. Acrylic nails, colored polish and nail appliqués are prohibited.

 Hoops earrings, dangling jewelry, bracelet, and necklaces should not be worn. Stud or other small earrings are acceptable.

 Rings and watches are also potentially hazardous in the restaurant environment and should not be worn if they are particularly bulky. Wedding bands are acceptable.

 Facial jewelry should be minimized for safety and should not be overly distracting or interfere with your ability to communicate.

 Large, visible tattoos should be covered (if possible) while at work.
Cell Phones
Cell phones May be in a pocket while on the clock, but are only to be used in an emergency. Due to food safety concerns, if the cell phone is touched, the employee must throw away their gloves, re-wash hands and put on a new pair of gloves. It is against policy to take pictures or videos while on the clock or in the back of house.
For safety reasons, earbuds/headsets are not allowed to be in use while on the clock in any position.

Reasonable accommodations will be made upon request to this dress code policy as required by law or under special circumstances.

A manager may send a team member home for any infraction to the dress code, or what they feel is an inappropriate appearance. Anyone failing to comply with the standards of dress and appearance are subject to disciplinary action.