Hamra partners in lifelong learning and encourages excellence in education

Hamra Enterprises appreciates and values the importance of a quality education and will be supportive in any way possible. We have numerous programs available designed to help you achieve your academic goals, including 📚 tuition reimbursement and a bonus program for good grades. Plus, we are looking to expand the Hamra Homework program, where you could get paid doing your homework at work!

At Hamra Enterprises, we show our commitment to education by granting student-team members up to 60 minutes of PAID homework time during qualified shifts.

Do you know any students who may be interested in joining the Hamra Education Program?

We can help you earn some sweet reward at our stores while you learn life skills.  With up to an hour of homework time on a qualified shift, you’ll bag those As.  Here’s how it works:

$300 for all As

$200 for As and Bs

$100 for all Bs

You get rewarded for every school year for up to $600.

Join Kylie and Kelly, visit us on HamraCareers.com, and learn more about our Education Programs on our mobile site.