Small Necessities Leave Act (Massachusetts only)

Permits an employee leave for the following purposes:

  • To participate in school activities directly related to the educational advancement of a son or daughter of the employee, such as a parent-teacher conference or interviewing for a new school;
  • To accompany a son or daughter of the employee to routine medical or dental appointments, such as check-ups or vaccinations; and
  • To accompany an elderly relative of the employee to routine medical or dental appointments or appointments for other professional services relating to the elder’s care, such as interviewing at nursing or group homes.

The 24 hours of leave available under this benefit are in addition to the 12 weeks of leave provided for under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. The 24 hours may be taken within the 12-month calendar year period and the time may be taken on an intermittent (i.e. 2 hours to attend a parent-teacher conference) or reduced-time schedule.

An employee is required to provide his/her department with seven (7) days’ notice of the need for the leave if the leave is foreseeable. If the necessity for the leave is not foreseeable, the employee is required to provide notice of the leave as soon as practicable.

The law provides for an unpaid leave of absence. An employee may elect to use any available accrued vacation..

A department may require that written certification or documentation support a request for leave under this act.

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