Policies- Leave of Absence Extensions

Leave Extensions for either LOA or FMLA

An extension can only be granted if the individual can obtain a doctor’s note. The note must indicate the reason why they are not able to return after their 60-day LOA or 12-week FMLA, and it must have an anticipated date of return.

Extensions are only granted up to a total of 60 additional days past their 60-day LOA or 12-week FMLA.

An employee cannot take more than 120 days of LOA or 144 days of FMLA in a rolling calendar year.

LOA and FMLA cannot be combined and all extensions must be approved by the SVP of Human Resources or the Director of Human Resource.

If the employee refuses, or is unable to return to work after their leave (LOA or FMLA) or their approved extension, they will forfeit their position and will be marked “quit” job abandonment due to not returning from leave.

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