Policies – Dress Code

All employees must be neat, clean and tidy. We work in the food industry and no one wants their food served by someone that looks dirty (especially finger nails-gross). We don’t want to sound like your parent, but shower (with soap) wash your hair (with shampoo) and brush your teeth (with toothpaste) so you are squeaky clean and ready to serve food.

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The following are required of hourly employees:
Shirts, hats, visors, aprons, masks, and nametags are provided by each store and only Wendy's logo uniforms are allowed. The employee is responsible for having their hat/visor, shirt, apron, and jeans clean, wrinkle free, and in good repair each time they are scheduled to work. Jeans need to be dark in color with no holes, if the pants have belt loops, a plain black belt is required. If the hat/visor, shirt, apron, or pants require special laundering or pressing, they are to be replaced. Masks must be worn and the mask must be solid back with no logos/words/numbers on them. They must be worn correctly, covering nose and mouth.
Shoes need to be clean, polished and in good repair. Shoes must be slip resistant, have a leather "upper" area and may not have open toes. Sandals, canvas, or sport shoes are not permitted.
Hair is to be neat, clean, and restrained to prevent it from dangling over the front of the shoulder or facial area.
Male employees may have neatly trimmed goatees and beards.
Fingernails must be clean and well-kept for sanitary reasons. Fingernail polish must be tasteful and false nails must be in good repair. No nail art decals or jewelry on the nails and gloves must be worn in food-prep positions.
Makeup must be kept to a minimum.
One ring per hand is permitted. Necklaces are permitted but must be worn inside the shirt during the shift for safety reasons. Bracelets and watches are not permitted.
One earring per ear is allowed. Earrings must not extend below the earlobe for safety reasons. Clip-on earrings are not permitted for health reasons. No other visible earring type jewelry is permitted. Employees may not use bandages to cover visible pierced body parts. All visible pierced body jewelry must be removed before each shift including tongue rings and nose rings/studs. No ear gauges, or grills (gold/silver plated mouth jewelry) are permitted.
Sweaters and jackets must be approved by management and worn during the proper season. A shirt may be worn under the Wendy's provided shirt, but must be black, tight fitting (no cotton or thermal shirts) around the wrist and all clothing must be clean, wrinkle free, and fit properly.
The employee is responsible for covering tattoos on their arms if they are deemed offensive/obscene by wearing a solid black, long sleeve, tight fitting around the wrist shirt (no cotton or thermal shirts) under their provided Wendy's shirt. If tattoos are not able to be covered by a shirt or a turtle neck, it is management's decision to remedy the situation by either removing the employee permanently or by putting the employee in a non-customer viewed position. If the tattoo(s) are not offensive/obscene they do not have to be covered.
No cell phones are permitted on the employee's body during work hours and can only be used on an un-paid break. Employees cannot text while on the clock.
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