Job Restrictions

These restrictions are in accordance with labor laws regarding employment of those individuals under the age of 18. Individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors.


Associates under the age of 18:


  • Cannot operate a motor vehicle as a driver or helper in service for Hamra Enterprises.
  • Cannot be involved in any maintenance work on the roof.
  • Cannot be involved in any operation or maintenance of any power driven equipment including a bagel slicer, bread slicer, meat slicer etc.
  • Cannot be on a ladder for any reason.
  • During the week when school is in session, they may work until 10:00 pm, but not longer, and must exit the building by 10:01 pm.
  • On Friday and Saturday nights and school vacations, they may work until Midnight.
  • If it is the last day of school vacation, they need to leave the building by 10:01pm.

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