Your World Kitchen.

Noodles Rewards Contest

The Hamra restaurant with the most
Noodles Rewards signs-ups and check-ins wins!

OCT. 6 – NOV. 30

$25 gift card per team member,
up to 20 members
$250 gift card for GM
$100 per Assistant GM

Here is the baseline data from the last four weeks leading up to week of 10/18. Check in every Thursday for an update.

Check-In RateBASELINE – Check In Percentage
 4 Week AverageCumulative
Sign Ups
vs. BenchmarkCumulative Check-In Rank
Dine-In & To Go 
Broadway Marketplace4.5%5.7%26.7%1 🔥
Creve Coeur11.3%10.8%-4.2%5
Green Mount Crossing12.3%11.9%-3.3%4
Hampton Village9.4%8.5%-9.1%8
Richmond Heights11.3%11.2%-0.9%3
South County Mall12.8%11.1%-5.1%6
Sign Ups4 Week AverageAverage Weekly Sign Upsvs. BenchmarkCumulative Sign-Ups Rank
Broadway Marketplace2125.315.2%2
Columbia3342.320.1%1 🔥
Creve Coeur2125.012.4%4
Green Mount Crossing2627.7-1.2%6
Hampton Village2120.3-9.6%7
Richmond Heights2022.02.3%5
South County Mall2013.7-33.3%8
RestaurantCheck-In RankEnrollment RankOverall Rank
Broadway Marketplace1  2  1.5 🔥
Chesterfield73  5.0
Columbia21  1.5 🔥
Creve Coeur54  4.5
Green Mount Crossing45.0
Hampton Village87.5
Richmond Heights35  4.0
South County Mall68  7.0 
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