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Hooray! Your online donation submission has been successfully submitted.

The following requirements must be met in requesting an in-kind donation:

  • Requests must be made a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to your event
  • The organization must be within the vicinity of our operating locations

Unfortunately, we are not able to donate in the following situations:

  • Events where our products will be re-sold
  • Ongoing (weekly or monthly) meetings
  • Events not within a 5-mile radius of our locations

Thank you!

Hamra Enterprises enjoys being an active member of your community through many charitable programs, including donations but there may be some circumstances and/or company guidelines that prevent us from endorsing your request. A dedicated marketing team member carefully considers each donation request we receive. If for some reason we are unable to fulfill your request, we will continue to do our best to accommodate your needs in the future.

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