The HERO Fund

The HERO Fund is an emergency relief fund serving employees of all Hamra Enterprises entities in nine states; Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas and Hamra Management employees.

Hamra Enterprises is committed to supporting and respecting its valued employees and the things that matter to them. We’re here to celebrate the good times together and to reach out and lend a hand during the challenging times.

Out of this commitment, The HERO Fund (Hamra Employees Reaching Out) was created as a way for employees to reach out and support each other in times of need. It’s simple to be a HERO: being a HERO can mean donating $1 or more out of each paycheck or making a one-time donation. To ensure the fund can make a difference for as many employees as possible, Hamra Enterprises will match donations to the fund dollar for dollar.

Money donated to The HERO Fund is used to help employees in their time of need when they apply for an emergency grant. Grants can help a co-worker rebuild a home after a fire, pay for transitional housing, funeral expenses and more.

Learn more about The HERO Fund here

Since the inception of The HERO Fund in 2010,

  • We have raised $1,385,085.51
  • We have made a difference for 695 people and their families
  • We have granted $651,192.89


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